Security: Keep your codes secret

Houd uw codes geheim (Engels)Zorg voor uw beveiliging (Engels) 
Let goed op bij inloggen (Engels)Ga niet in op vreemde verzoeken (Engels)

Always keep all of your codes for Internet Banking secret, in the same way as your PIN. Those codes give you access to your money and must remain private. ABN AMRO Private Banking will never ask you for them, whether by e-mail, SMS, telephone or otherwise. If someone does ask for your codes, please contact us.

Criminals are becoming more and more interested in Internet Banking fraud. They are constantly looking for new methods of gaining access to your money. You should therefore keep all of your Internet Banking codes secret. We will never ask you for these codes.

Fraud via e-mail and telephone
Internet criminals often send out fake e-mails or text messages. The e-mails appear as though they have been sent by ABN AMRO, ABN AMRO Private Banking or another bank. Criminals use these fake e-mails, for example, to invite you to use a link to a fake bank website. If you go to that website you have to register your personal details or your PINs, login codes for Internet Banking and address and telephone number.

Internet criminals have also started calling clients of banks. They say that they work for ABN AMRO or some other bank and then ask you for your personal Internet Banking login codes.

How can you prevent this from happening?

Fraud via software on your computer
There are a number of viruses going around that criminals use to try and gain access to your computer. The software is installed on your computer without your knowledge. This can result from visiting an unsecured website or by opening an attachment or link in an e-mail on your computer.

How can you prevent this from happening?