Partner of the Future

ABN AMRO is a passionate sponsor of hockey teams in both Belgium and The Netherlands.

Proud sponsor of Bozar.

Art and Culture

In our role as Partner of the Future, we aim to actively help build a promising future for people and for society. In order to achieve this goal, we give talented individuals and ambitious organisations a hand up by supporting them in discovering new talent and by boosting their opportunities for development and growth. 

We select our partners carefully and purposefully in order to implement projects with broad support within society, which can be divided into four different areas:


ABN AMRO has a lot of touchpoints with the world of sports: values such as endurance, team work and passion are valued in both sport and banking. It is therefore no great surprise that ABN AMRO Belgium is the proud partner of a number of sporting initiatives: the Disability Sport Fund and the Braxgata and Dragons hockey clubs can count on our involvement and support for their community projects. ABN AMRO also organises the 'Football Kick-Off Tournament' and the 'Integration Cup'.

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Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are in our genes. Ever since ABN AMRO was established, we have been active in the field of cultural sponsorship. This has resulted in an art collection dating back to the nineteenth century. Over the years the focus has shifted more towards contemporary art, with the result that we have built up a very extensive and varied corporate collection, which is now curated and owned by the ABN AMRO Nederland Art & History Foundation.

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Investing in future generations of course also means investing in education. That is why ABN AMRO is supporting a number of initiatives to provide children and young people with guidance on the world of finance and teach them how to best make use of their talents. Parents are also given advice on financial planning with a view to the further education of their children.

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Entrepreneurship is at the very core of the world of banking. That is why we, as Partner of the Future, also focus our activities on entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurship has a positive impact on society: it creates economic growth, feeds ambition and encourages innovation. An entrepreneurial society goes hand in hand with a modern and dynamic zeitgeist, and ABN AMRO wants to make an active contribution to that.

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