ABN AMRO Healthy People

The ABN AMRO Healthy People initiative has been rolled out as one of the pillars of a healthy corporate culture, focussing on your mental and physical health and vitality.

As part of this initiative, management is offering a range of training sessions and team activities to help you work efficiently, and above all without stress. This includes talks about avoiding burn-out, mindfulness workshops and information sessions about healthy eating and exercise.

During the time management training session, you will also learn how to make efficient use of your time. Another aspect is how to use feedback and compliments to optimise communication.
It sounds simple, but it’s trickier to put into practice.

In view of this, ABN AMRO is adopting a long term approach and continuing with Healthy People.

Watch the report about Healthy People that was broadcast on Kanaal Z in February 2015 (in Dutch).