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Diamond & Jewellery Clients

Diamond & Jewellery Clients

Services to the diamond and jewellery sector

Diamond & Jewellery Clients

  • More than 100 years of experience
  • Active in Antwerp
  • Sustainability is a core value
ABN AMRO has provided financial services to the diamond and jewellery industry worldwide for over a hundred years. Our Diamond & Jewellery Clients (D&JC) department has its head office in Hovenierstraat in Antwerp.
Our clients are international, regional and local companies active in the trade of rough and polished diamonds, the cutting and polishing of diamonds, the making of jewellery and the sale of these.


Sustainability has a high priority and is part of the dialogue with our customers and other key parties in the industry. D&JC actively promotes the importance of sustainability for the industry: not only directly in conversations with customers and stakeholders, but also at conferences and, for example, through the use of our Sustainable Diamond & Jewellery Guide. In addition, D&JC promotes companies to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Counsel (RJC).

Our team

Our specialised and dedicated team in Antwerp, combines in-depth sector knowledge with a thorough knowledge of the companies operating in it.
By keeping a close eye on your company's unique value chain, we are able to adapt the range of our services and products to market dynamics.
ABN AMRO Diamond & Jewellery Clients
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